Freight Bill Audit

Your essential link between supply chain and full control of transportation costs.

A global solution

Reduce transportation costs and optimize operations with an experienced global leader.

A Leader in Freight Audit and Payment Solutions

Save money and time spent on carrier issues with a robust platform and proven auditing process.

Everything you need in a global partner

From a global presence to unsurpassed customer service, EM6 entities across the world, have what it takes to help your organization control costs and maximize efficiencies for your transportation operations.

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An operational partner that supports your business

EM6 help our clients improve logistics and save money without taking control of their operations. Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Optimize your overall transportation spend by mode
  • Create a successful structure and make informed decisions
  • Ensure your costs are aligned with the overall market
  • Assist with projects to reduce costs and increase efficiencies

Robust and secure technology platform

We process more than 8 million invoices annually worth more than $2 billion over 10,000 invoices and $2 million an hour. Our system is secure with disaster recovery preparedness and power redundancy.

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EM6 Worlwide's E-Suite

State-of-the-art interactive web reporting

  • Online interactive access to all your transportation data
  • All statistics accessible at your fingertips from your PC or your mobile
  • Follow-up and control over the audit and payment process
  • User-friendly and intuitive customer interface allowing maximal flexibility

Audit features

All modes

At EM6, we receive invoices for air, ocean, road and intermodal transport across the world. EM6 takes pride in its leading knowhow on automatic audit engines for all modes.

As all modes go into a unique global database, EM6 audits accessorial charges relative to each mode as per tariffs and yet includes them for business decisions and analytical purpose across all modes.

All formats of invoices

Besides the main formats: paper and EDI/XML invoices, EM6 processes invoices received in CSV, TXT and other electronic formats. As made possible by recent EU directive on e-Billing, we also receive and process pdf images of invoices received on our ftp server or via an e-mail box.

Inbound and Outbound

As a part of EM6 standard process, we identify and code bills according to inbound or outbound shipments and verify incoterms before an invoice becomes payable.

In addition to the above, third party and intra-company shipments are identified and coded in accordance with the coding logic provided at the time of implementation. EM6 is able to implement coding logic separately for different business units or for different countries as required by the Client.

Business rules for CC and G/L coding

As a part of EM6 standard process, we build and maintain a matrix including all business rules to code GL and CC as per Client’s specification.

All European languages

With experienced staff in freight bill audit and resolution, EM6 is also able to communicate with client locations and carriers across Europe in their language.
The skills go beyond the knowledge of local languages as it is essential for our staff to know the national billing regulations in EU member States too.

APAC currencies and languages

With experienced regional staff in Hong-Kong speaking Mandarin/Cantonese and more, EM6 is processing bills across APAC from Taiwan to China to Korea to Japan.

Carriers have access to their shipments on the single global platform: E-Suite - the proprietary on-line interactive tool fully owned by EM6. On a weekly close cycle basis, Client funds the freight funds needed for all their carriers, in each currency of invoice to the allocated EM6 bank account which is then disbursed to each carrier by EM6 in every part of the world swiftly.

EM6 business model is not float earnings based to avoid all financial risks and offer the best insurance desired by the Client.

Offices in



We have offices in seven countries covering North America, Europe, Asia, India, and Latin America.

Processing bills for



Specific process for each region giving regional and global customers easy access to data and reporting.

Payment in



Full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements available in each region of the globe.



years industry experience

Reduce transportation costs and optimize operations with an experienced global leader.