Yes, EM6 welcomes any external or Client corporate Audit for a complete process control any time with or without prior notice.

EM6 business model is non float based and the funds transit through a current account only. This is supported by Bank Guarantee and/or Fidelity bond exceeding the amount of highest amount of Freight Funds (5M euros and above).

Yes, EM6 process verifies if the country specific VAT rate has been applied and if the Credit notes specify accurate information for appropriate recovery of VAT by our clients. In addition, EM6 provides VAT report at each Close-cycle.

Yes, in addition to the web-based reports, EM6 can send out tailor made reports to specified persons as per a set calendar.

EM6 processing charges are all inclusive with no hidden charges. We do not charge extra for client incoming shipment files or BoL files.

EM6 accepts all formats of electronic invoices. However, if the electronic format is not compliant with European or Countries regulations on electronic invoices, we make the required changes to render them legal, if required, with the help of the Carrier.

Yes, our process keeps a trace of the original name as used on the invoice and the normalized name based to achieve a database directly usable by the senior Management.

EM6 standard KPI report allows the Clients to review Audit savings vs. Processing fee on a regular basis. In addition, the report gives best and worst carriers in terms of invoicing, payment terms, average shipment costs per kilo for Inbound and Outbound shipments etc. We can include additional items in the KPI at Client request.

As a policy, EM6 has decided to focus on Audit and Payment process only without going into Finance Trading. If a Client requests, we can organize this with our Bank(one of the top three European banks) or through a leader on the Market at no extra cost.

EM6 has no minimum binding duration for our processing agreements. Clients are free to move away if there is a better provider on the Market.

EM6 does Transport consultancy only for its Freight Payment Clients related to the Database. This includes Benchmarking for the Carriers, overall transport and logistics costs etc. Advice on best Tariff formats depending upon the database analyses, countries of transport and modes.

Yes, EM6 can organize receipt and processing of Freight Bills at your premises with our staff under our standard Audit & Payment process.