Freight audit and payment solutions

Reduce costs and optimize transportation operations with experts in local to global shipping for all modes of transportation including heavy air, ocean, courier, small parcel, truck load, less than truck load, rail, and forwarder/brokers.

Bringing over 15+ years industry experience to the table.

Save with our proven freight audit and payment solutions

Clients have been able to achieve an average of 3 to 7% savings on their transportation costs with the help of our proprietary technology platform and effective auditing process.

RFQ Management

Assist your team with every step of the RFQ process from submission to negotiations. Plus, we can help implement new contracts and rates into your systems.


Analyze and benchmark transportation contracts and pricing. Review certain lanes for each mode of transportation, contract language, and amounts for various accessorial charges.


Convenient bill submission

  • All methods accepted including EDI, eBilling, mail, and fax
  • All formats processed including paper, flat files, XML, spreadsheets, and PDFs
  • Contracts and bills imaged and available online

Detailed and accurate data capture

  • Hundreds of data elements can be captured
  • Unlimited capacity for accessorial charges with more than 750 preconfigured
  • Processes such as double key entry, validation tables, and data normalization avoid errors

Bill verification and duplicate protection

  • Bills checked for omission and missing documentation
  • PRO numbers, bills of lading, and invoice numbers checked to eliminate duplicates
  • Dedicated carrier resolution department

Line by line audit per contract

  • Bills rated per contract to eliminate overcharges and avoid post-audit claims
  • Audit of each accessorial billed compared to contract
  • Dedicated Audit team handles issues

Timely carrier payment

  • Electronic payments available in any currency globally
  • Proactive resolution of billing disputes

Save with our proven freight audit and payment solutions

Clients have been able to achieve an average of 3 to 7% savings on their transportation costs with the help of our proprietary technology platform and effective auditing process.

Partner with a global provider that understands the details

A global provider

EM6 has offices around the world staffed with knowledgeable personnel who have regional expertise, including language fluency. They're trained in all modes of transportation as well as the documentation and data elements related to each type of mode and region. They also understand the calculation and application of regional tax laws.

EM6 teams can handle everything from a domestic motor shipment with 25 basic data elements to a complex international invoice with 20 pages of documentation and complex general ledger coding. They can obtain all needed data elements and documentation, accurately audit all charges, apply general ledger codes, and report the data in detail or summary to our clients.


Carrier Invoices, Bills of Lading, Delivery Receipts, Packing Lists, Commercial Invoices, 7501 Entry Form, 3461 Customs Release Form, Waybills, Nota Fiscal, Nota Debitos, Credit Memos, Credit Notes, Electronic or Paper Spot Quote Documentation, etc.

Data elements

Billed Miles Compared to Calculated Miles, NMFC and Class Code Capture, Truck or Trailer Number for Motor Shipments; Upper Deck, Lower Deck, Service Level (Next Day, Over Night), Delivery Terms (Airport to Airport, Door to Door) for Heavy Air Shipments; Full Container, LCL, Container Size, Container Number, Number of Containers Used/Billed, Delivery Terms, Inco Terms for Ocean Shipments; Container Size and Rail Route Information for Rail Containers; Detail or Summary Data for Small Parcel; Other Elements: HTS Codes, HTS Rates, HMP and MPF Rates, and Tax ID Numbers.

Get an edge with clean, accurate, and complete data

Our robust platform gives you the data you need to understand how your supply chain system is working and where cost-saving adjustments can be made. Our capabilities include:

  • Ability to capture hundreds of data elements
  • Unlimited capacity for accessorial charges
  • More than 750 preconfigured accessorial charges

Modes of expertise for data capture, audit, and reporting include:

  • Motor (LTL, Truckload)
  • Rail
  • Ocean
  • Air
  • Small parcel

Data is securely protected by power redundancy and disaster recovery.

Optimize business with intelligent reporting

EM6 Worldwide builds customized reports to provide clients with the data they need to understand endless arrays of data including transportation spend, shipping trends, and carrier billing accuracy. Files and reports can be created in XLS, XLSX, PDF, CSV, TXT, DAT, and other file formats and distributed by email, FTP, or DVD. We also have expansive EDI capabilities.

Online Tools

  • Web-based Resolution for Invoices
  • Dashboards
  • Ad Hoc Report Builder
  • Client Table Uploads
  • Download Check Remittance
  • Rating Guide

Best of Breed Reporting

  • Trending Reports
  • Average Cost
  • Lost Opportunity
  • Aging Reports
  • Accessorial Analysis
  • Service Level Analysis
  • Audit Savings
  • Timeline and Cycle Times
  • KPI Reports
  • Carrier Savings

Take advantage of seamless integration with your systems

EM6 can connect to your systems for Accruals, ERP Integration (Spot Quote Import, Shipment Match Validation, Data Warehousing, G/L coding), and scheduled custom reports and data extracts.

Count on service that exceeds expectations

  • Easy onboarding with ability to connect to current systems and access 12 months of previous payment data, when supplied
  • Responsive customer service with a single point of contact
  • Global presence to manage business in specific regions
  • Fast invoice processing and efficient carrier payment
  • Ongoing enhancements guided by client feedback

An operational partner that supports your business

EM6 help our clients improve logistics and save money without taking control of their operations. Specifically, we can help you:

  • Optimize your overall transportation spend by mode
  • Create a successful structure and make informed decisions
  • Ensure your costs are aligned with the overall market
  • Assist with projects to reduce costs and increase efficiencies