The top executives and associates of EM6-Logistics cumulate over 100 years experience in logistics, supply chain and freight payables. Most of them have previously been working in Senior Supply Chain positions for Blue-chip companies and have a thorough understanding of what customers need and expect beyond the audit and cash recovery process. Their core objective is to achieve the highest measurable R.O.I. for EM6 Worldwide' clients.

These faces will look familiar in the Industry in Europe and will easily be recognized by Clients, Shippers, Carriers and Transporters alike across Europe.

Picture of Suresh Sainanee

Suresh C. Sainanee

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

More than ten years' experience as the head of two different Freight Audit companies for Europe. Achieved thorough knowledge of process and client requirements before being nominated as CEO of EM6 global companies in NORAM, EMEA and APAC.

Robust automatic rating process reduces the costs of an efficient Freight Audit provider and hence the service rates of Freight Payables providers can be inversely proportional to the quality.

  • EMEA
  • APAC
Picture of Scott H. Gardner

Scott H. Gardner

President, NORAM

Picture of Bastiaan de Vries

Bastiaan de Vries

General Manager, EMEA

Picture of Bipin Lohar

Bipin Lohar

Managing Director, Shared Services

Picture of Toni Bozc

Toni Bozc

Audit Manager, NORAM

Picture of Debbie Barro

Debbie Barro

Client Account Manager, NORAM

Picture of Maruxa Soria

Maruxa Soria

Ops. Manager, EMEA

Picture of Venanciat Kamashi

Venanciat Kamashi

Ops. Manager-Production, EMEA

Picture of Andreea Bucur

Andreea Bucur

Implementation Manager, EMEA

Picture of Brice Thissen

Brice Thissen

Senior Account Manager, EMEA

Picture of Oi-Lin Cheng

Oi-Lin Cheng

Client Account Manager, APAC