Our History

A commitment to technology and service

EM6 Worldwide was founded in 2004 to operate AIMS LOGISTICS EUROPE (later acquired by USBank, Syncada-Elavon).

Since 2013, EM6 became 100% independent to develop and launch its modern technology platform the E-Suite by EM6. The success of this user-friendly platform allowed EM6 to grow fast and become a global company with a world-class technology platform.

Today, EM6 Worldwide has offices in seven countries covering North America, Europe, Asia, India, and Latin America. This global presence offers clients a single global source for their data. Plus, it allows us to provide regional representation and expertise on navigating the complexities of international shipping.

Trade finance

EM6 does not do Trade Financing operations but can organize it through its database with one of the top-notch reputed international banks.

Additional services

Bench-Marking and Consulting based upon a truly reliable database warehouse.

Expanding to serve clients better

EM6 continued to expand on our worldwide presence and technology platform to ensure its place as a leader in the industry. We've also developed an unsurpassed freight audit and payment process that ensures accurate invoice auditing and efficient carrier payment. Our process is specific to each region of the world giving regional and global customers easy access to data and reporting.