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EM6 LOGISTICS is the corporate brand of EUROPE MANAGEMENT LTD, a company incorporated in Brussels, Belgium by its founder Suresh Sainanee in 2004 to offer freight payables audit and payment services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Early customers were mainly large groups headquartered in the US to whom these services were already well known and who were looking for a provider capable of handling the complexity of the European logistics and billing process.

Benefitting from his experience at the other side of the table as head of corporate logistics for a large IT group, Suresh Sainanee converted his past wish list resulting from inadequate quality in freight bill auditing into a range of services that would set the trend for the business on the European continent for the years to follow.

Operating at first under the brand Aims EUROPE the core team of pioneers that runs EM6 LOGISTICS today, set the standards for the industry on the European continent and turned Aims into a profitable company within less than a year. 

In 2007, US Bank acquired AIMS logistics and EUROPE MANAGEMENT completed its assignment in 2008. Since then, EUROPE MANAGEMENT has continued to develop its expertise and understanding of customer needs. New concepts of services were developed and over the years, the core team of pioneers received reinforcements of more professionals, each of whom has brought his contribution to further improvement of the customer service. This later lead Europe Management to be the driving force behind IPS EMEA between till 2012.

Since then, the core team members of Europe Management decided to consolidate their cumulated experience of nearly hundred years in an innovative and fully independent company. Offering the better of two worlds, EM6 LOGISTICS, today, combines the security that comes with years of experience and the efficiency made possible by the use of state-of-the-art systems at the edge of technological innovation. Kudos from our clients confirming EM6’ strengths as portrayed above is today our biggest pride



The mission of each staff member of EM6 Logistics is to provide our customers with the most flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective solution to manage their freight payables in the US, EMEA & APAC regions. This is done per the local regulations and plant/site requirements but a normalized global data allows immediate business analytics for high-level decision making process.

From reception of the invoices till full audit and payment, EM6 Logistics commits to abide by the highest quality standards and to use the most advanced technology.

Our promise is to deliver the best value at the lowest price while ensuring full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.


Latest News


October, 2018
Payment to Carriers - For EM6 clients who are on Audit and Payment disbursements, EM6 will soon be reaching the US$1 billion mark annually in 10 different currencies.


July, 2018
EM6 offers tailor made reports - Additional reports for quick download of raw data, reports and remittance advice on-line are stored in a way to download very large files within 2-20 seconds.


January, 2018
EM6 celebrates 10 years of service provision in freight bill audit and payment having the most experienced team for each region US Domestic, EMEA and APAC individually or combined. Congratulations to all the individuals who made it happen!!!



December, 2017
Any complete RFP/RFQ for N.A./EMEA/APAC freight bill processing will confirm that EM6 features a state-of-the-art process, fully compliant for all countries across each region but also happens to be the most competitive in terms of service fee charges and implementation time.


June, 2017
E-Suite User-guides become multilingual. EM6-Logistics’ E-Suite being used by Client locations and carriers across Europe is now available to them in several languages including German, French, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish and Chinese. Several more languages will be added in the next quarter.



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