The Smart Way to Manage
                        Your Freight Bills 


This is our Core Business with the highest VALUE-ADD directly through $Savings and through Analytical Data Base. The Implementation process takes 3 to 8 weeks to complete after decision by the Client to come on-board with EM6-Logistics. .

Our Implementation Manager will draw out the FIG (Freight Implementation Guide) with all process rules including security of process and traceability of all tariffs and their date of change. Weekly Close-outs inform carriers about approved invoices and follow-up on Stuck (On-Hold) invoices to enable quick release to avoid frustration. This is driven by EM6.

EM6 key strength in the field is its know-how in the logistics invoices with complex accessorial charge structure.

With experienced staff working in all European languages and currencies, EM6 is able to improve the client-carrier relationship and yet improve the process with extensive verification process on CMR/BoL/POD etc.


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