The Smart Way to get Control
                   of Your Freight Bills


Benefits for EM6 Clients (Corporate and each Business Unit/Accounts/Logistics/Purchasing/Finance):


Whether you have a 3PL or not, the global data base for your logistics gives you an indispensable tool for:

  • Clear visibility on total freight spend by Carrier, by Lane, by Cost center, by Product. Carriers often do not know their own freight invoiced to you!
  • The above allows optimization of Transportation costs and Warehouses.
  • Better pricing from Carriers through a reliable database in your RFQ
  • Essential to evaluate Synergies in case of Acquisitions or Mergers
  • Compliance with Sarbanes Oxley and for all Quality and Accounting Audits.


Tangible Cost Savings in addition to the above advantages through:

  • Outsourcing the routine admin work to the specialists at significantly lower cost of processing.
  • Thorough traceable Auditing allows getting credit notes on ALL overcharges before payment of invoices. Hence Treasury gains (FINANCE) and direct operational cost savings (Bottom Line).
  • Cost Allocations, Accountings Codes, VAT and G/L Reports (ACCOUNTS)
  • Better supplier relationship with the Carriers through perfect control of invoice payments in time.
Benefits for Carriers/Transporters that in turn, benefit EM6 Clients.

3) Why are CARRIERS happy with EM6 Auditing ?

  • Invoice tracking allows each carrier   big or small to find if an invoice has reached, processed, blocked due to overcharge or missing reference or wrong entity or duplicate etc.
  • In addition, each carrier gets a weekly report on invoices withheld and the reason thereof to enable prompt correction and release of payment.
  • EM6 helps carriers move to Electronic invoicing at the lowest cost. This allows permanent savings for the Carrier and for the CLIENT who then pays only a fraction of the processing cost of Paper bills.
  • A nominated single interface at EM6   The ACCOUNT MANAGER to answer any queries and resolve issues.






Latest News


June, 2016
E-Suite User-guides become multilingual. EM6-Logistics’ E-Suite being used by Client locations and carriers across Europe is now available to them in several languages including German, French, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish. Several more languages will be added in the next quarter.



January, 2016
EM6 celebrates 10 years of service provision in freight bill audit and payment having the most experienced team in EMEA. Congratulations to all the individuals who made it happen!!!



September, 2014
Advanced E-Suite Reporting tool released for Clients, Carriers and Suppliers.


June, 2014
EM6 signs a new lease for larger premises in line with its growth.

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