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                        Your Freight Bills 

Your essential link between supply chain and full control of transport expenses


• All your freight bills swiftly processed, visible for on-line resolution
  and traceable.

• Detailed audit of every invoice and systematic tracking of

• Direct resolution of invoice discrepancies with carriers.

• Full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


EM6 Logistics ’ E-Suite, State-of-the-art interactive Web reporting

• Online interactive access to all your transport data

• All statistics accessible at your fingertips from your PC or your mobile

• Follow-up and control over the audit and payment process

• User friendly and intuitive customer interface allowing maximal flexibility

EM6 Audits


Latest News


October, 2018
Payment to Carriers - For EM6 clients who are on Audit and Payment disbursements, EM6 will soon be reaching the US$1 billion mark annually in 10 different currencies.


July, 2018
EM6 offers tailor made reports - Additional reports for quick download of raw data, reports and remittance advice on-line are stored in a way to download very large files within 2-20 seconds.


January, 2018
EM6 celebrates 10 years of service provision in freight bill audit and payment having the most experienced team for each region US Domestic, EMEA and APAC individually or combined. Congratulations to all the individuals who made it happen!!!



December, 2017
Any complete RFP/RFQ for N.A./EMEA/APAC freight bill processing will confirm that EM6 features a state-of-the-art process, fully compliant for all countries across each region but also happens to be the most competitive in terms of service fee charges and implementation time.


June, 2017
E-Suite User-guides become multilingual. EM6-Logistics’ E-Suite being used by Client locations and carriers across Europe is now available to them in several languages including German, French, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish and Chinese. Several more languages will be added in the next quarter.


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